Residential Services

Feeling at home and receiving services in our beautiful residences

UCP of Long Island provides residential services in 31 homes on Long Island to people with disabilities, including two children’s residences. Every home is beautifully maintained and designed to provide full accessibility and to meet the needs and interests of the residents.

Individuals receive services in a comfortable and fully accessible home and are encouraged to achieve independence and live active lives. Residents take part in outings and community events. We encourage the involvement of families to further our goal of helping individuals live Life Without Limits.





By Robin: “It was early on in my son, John’s, residency at Pine Cone that I made a heart-warming discovery. My husband and I were attending a summer barbeque at the house. The residents and staff were in great humor. Laughing, joking, music playing, food grilling.  James, who has many physical limitations, was the DJ and he was navigating his wheelchair with aplomb from the sound system back to the picnic table. James quietly asked my son if there was a lemon iced tea in the cooler. There wasn’t.”John held up an alternative, obviously knowing what James liked. James nodded yes. My son grabbed a straw, inserted it into the can and then placed it in the crook of James’s arm, so he could lift the straw to his mouth. Meanwhile, the music and chatter raged on.”

“I was immediately impressed by the interaction between the two men. John knew when James, who is impressive in many ways, needed his help. It was a graceful act one might observe between brothers. This was a small moment but it offered to me a huge, heart-warming discovery: My son was part of another family and was loving it.”

“Thank you, UCP.”


By Barry & Liz: “My brother Jonathan has been receiving services provided by UCP of Long Island for almost 25 years. Throughout all of that time, one thing stands out as being the most consistent, and that is the extraordinary level of dedication and devotion of the staff and volunteers. Jonathan’s disabilities are quite severe, but his happiness in life is beyond compare thanks to the attention and care he receives from this wonderful organization.”

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