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Growing up stronger in our Children’s Center

UCP of Long Island is committed to making a difference in the lives of children with disabilities through an educational partnership joining home, school and the community. The Children’s Center, located in Commack, has provided over 60 years of excellence in educational services including preschool, school-age programs and early intervention services tailored to meet the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of children with disabilities from birth to 21 years of age.

The Children’s Center currently serves over 80 infants and children through age 21, with a wide range of developmental disabilities and diagnoses including: cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, language and communication delays, spina bifida and Down syndrome.

Year-round programs, screenings, evaluations, therapies, home or center-based instruction, support groups and assistive technology services are offered.

A multi-sensory environment to develop focus

The Children’s Center has a state-of-the-art multi-sensory indoor play space designed to provide a wide variety of developmental experiences including: cognitive, language, physical and social development.

The right technology to meet each child’s needs

Our comprehensive assistive technology services include screening, evaluation, consultation and ongoing training. This collaborative team recommends the selection of no tech, low tech or high tech means of communication, seating/positioning, access and integration of technology into the child’s school and home environment. Each classroom is equipped with a Smart Board or Tapit and iPads.

To view the Children’s Center School Year Opening plan please click on the link below:

Children’s Center Reopening Plan 2020




Joseph/ by Tom & Maria

“Our son, Joseph, attends The Children’s Center, where my family and I see first-hand how dedicated the staff are to UCP’s precious children. The amount of love and encouragement that this agency has given our son has helped him flourish in many ways and for that we are very grateful.”


Bohdan/by Inna

“From the moment Inna stepped into The Children’s Center she, could not believe all of the gait trainers, equipment, technology and services the program had to offer him. She believes UCP has been the backbone to the significant progress Bohdan has made. She recalls stating, “It was like magic when I stepped through their doors.”


Mikey/ by Stephanie

The Children’s Center at UCP has been a second family to us. I know that Mikey is safe every day that he is there. We truly enjoy being a part of this great family!”


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