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Dear Friends,


At UCP of Long Island, we spend a lot of time talking about dreams


The dreams of the children and adults with disabilities we serve, who want to live independently. They dream of a happy home life, a fulfilling job where they are paid fairly, of traveling, and of loving personal relationships — including marriage and family.


Their parents have dreams, too.  They dream that their child will be happy and encouraged to reach his or her full potential.  And they dream their child will be lovingly cared for when they cannot be there.


These dreams and so many more are fulfilled every day at UCP-LI.  


Yet UCP-LI also has dreams.  We dream of a more inclusive world, and greater community acceptance. We dream of new and innovative ways to enhance our enrichment and supportive programs for the children and adults in our care.   


And we dream of providing the people we serve with the same life-experiences that their peers without disabilities enjoy…


A long sought-after dream of ours has been to install an adaptive playground at our school, The Children’s Center at UCP of Long Island; it is our dream to see our students play on their own adaptive playground. We want our students to experience the same joys of outdoor play that children everywhere enjoy…


A playground at The Children’s Center must include adaptive play equipment, a special terrain to accommodate wheelchairs, and the safety protocols our children require.  These elements make a playground extremely expensive.  Sadly, for many years, this dream was simply out of reach.


Today, happily, we are very close to having this dream come true…


Last year, UCP of Long Island received a grant to help us build our playground. Finally, our students will have the playground they deserve.  A wheelchair swing set, gliders, elevation ramps, and more – parents will finally be able to see their children playing on a playground with their friends.


Yet as we excitedly made plans to start building, we encountered another obstacle.  The cost for materials and labor have skyrocketed; the generous grant we received is not enough to complete our playground.


This dream – as with so many others – requires your help.


We need you to help make dreams come true…

Children playing on a playground; young adults being offered their first job; friends enjoying shows or ballgames together; roommates working together to prepare a meal…. These are the dreams that UCP supports.


UCP-LI strives to make every dream come true – for the children and adults we serve. Please – use the enclosed envelope and return your donation to UCP-LI today.


You may also donate online at or text limitless to 631-857-4299.


It has never been easier to make a dream come true!


This spring, as you play outside with the children in your life, please remember the powerful impact your gift can have on the lives of the children and adults with disabilities UCP-LI supports.


Colleen Crispino
President & CEO of UCP of Long Island

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