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September 2017
Students Receive a Warm Welcome
on the First Day of School
“Miss Lorraine!” Christopher, a student at The Children’s Center screamed happily.

“Welcome back my sweet boy,” Teacher Miss Lorraine beamed.

Students excitedly began their first day of school at The Children’s Center on September 5 th. The little scholars spent the morning becoming acquainted with their new teachers and fellow students.

Gabby, a pre-schooler, giggled as Miss Lorraine introduced herself to the adorable little girl.“The first day can be a little overwhelming for children, but as the day goes on they become much more comfortable,” she explained.

Assistant Principal Rose Brown smiled and waved to students as she walked down the halls. “The first day of school is always an amazing day,” she declared. “We look forward to watching our students thrive this school year.”

Stephen H. Friedman, President & CEO of UCP of Long Island cheerfully greeted students and distributed chocolate bars to all of the teachers. “The Children’s Center has an excellent staff that is dedicated to ensuring that each child has a chance at a bright future,” he said. “I have no doubt that today marks the beginning of a great school year."

It's a Family Affair
It was a day of family, food, laughter and lots of love! UCP of Long Island staff, participants and families united to celebrate Labor Day at the Teed Residence’s Second Annual BBQ and Car Show on September 2 nd .

Attendees enjoyed a variety of dishes made by UCP-LI staff, music and great company. Antique cars, which were driven in by staff members, were also on display to the delight of the guests.

“Everybody eat and make yourselves at home,” House Manager Barbara Grant said to a full house.

Jose Pacheco smiled as he fed his son, Jimmy, a UCP-LI resident. “Today is a beautiful day,” he declared. “UCP of Long Island is an excellent organization and we are so grateful that Jimmy is here.”

Jimmy’s mother,” Maria Pacheco, agreed. “I am so happy with the services that this organization provides,” she explained. “Jimmy gets all that he needs.”

Participant Mikey beamed as his family gathered around him. His grandmother, Joann Piccolo, who he affectionately refers to as ‘Mema,’” said that the staff and residents at Teed have become his second family. “The staff goes above and beyond for the people they serve,” she said. “The amount of love here is unbelievable.”

Barbara said that the event was a great success because everyone came together to support UCP of Long Island’s amazing participants. “UCP of Long Island is a family and we are all here for these wonderful individuals,” she affirmed.

We Need You
Come and join our Walk & Wheel, we need you!” participants chanted as they paraded down the halls of UCP of Long Island’s Marcus facility. UCP of Long Island individuals and staff held a pep rally on August 30 th in honor of one of the agency’s favorite events—The Life Without Limits 5K Walk & Wheel.

“The Walk & Wheel is a wonderful event because it unites the entire UCP of Long Island family,” Activities Supervisor Rachel Breslin explained. “We had this pep rally to show just how special this event is.”

“We’re all getting ready for a great big day!” individuals chanted excitedly.

Participants spent the afternoon singing, dancing and motivating others to join the Walk & Wheel. “It’s a day that everyone comes together to celebrate our mission of creating Life Without Limits for the amazing people we serve,” Rachel smiled.

We Need You!

Help to create a Life Without Limits for people with disabilities and register for the Life Without Limits 5K Walk & Wheel on Sunday, September 17th at Belmont Lake State Park.
Greenlawn Fire Department's Chili Cook Off to Benefit UCP of Long Island will be held on Sunday, October 8th at Greenlawn Fire Department's Headquarters.

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