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Our Mission

To advance the independence, productivity, and full citizenship of people with
cerebral palsy and other disabilities


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The Employment Connection
Launches Interactive Website and Innovative Vehicle for Job Seekers and Employers


To see how your company can benefit from hiring reliable, competent workers for vacant and high-turnover positions, please visit the

The Employment Connection

For individuals seeking assistance in achieving your employment goals, see how the Employment Connection can help you byThe Employment Connection Job Seeker

2019 Event Dates

April 17 - Wednesday
A Night In Monte Carlo

May 13 - Monday
Golf Classic

August 5 - Monday
Gold Coast Invitational

October 5 - Saturday (Tentative Date)
5K Walk & Wheel

October 24 - Thursday
Life Without Limits Gala

November 17 - Sunday
Handbag Bingo

2018 Event Photos

5K Walk & Wheel

Life Without Limits Gala

Handbag Bingo

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Call to Action - #bFair 2DirectCare

Medicaid Service Coordination

My Child Without Limits