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Board of Directors

Thomas Pfundstein, Board Chair

Robert Bernard, Vice Chair, Audit & Compensation

Michael F. Ingham, Esq., Vice Chair, Policies and Compliance

Thomas Lowenberg, CPA, Vice Chair, Budget & Finance/Treasurers

Gerard Schmitt, Vice Chair, Membership & Development

Colleen West-Levy, Recording Secretary

Anthony Bertrami, Board of Directors

Patrick Egan, Board of Directors

Javier Evans, Board of Directors

Michael Levine, Board of Directors

Lawrence Levy, Board of Directors

Steve Louro, Board of Directors

James Manseau, Board of Directors

Polly Neyssen, Board of Directors

Kim M. Smith, Esq., Board of Directors


Executive Management

Stephen H. Friedman, President & CEO

Janine Klein, Chief Financial Officer

Mark Crean, Director of Adult Program and Services

Adriana Cleveland, Director of Residential Services

Elizabeth Geary, Director of The Community Program Centers of L.I. (CPC)

Jayne Mancusi, Director of Human Resources

Camille Schramm, Director of Development & Public Relations

Ingrid Trouvé, Director of Educational Services/Principal

Richard Zammillo, Director of MIS