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UCP-LI Participants Welcome Local Dietician

UCP-LI Participants Welcome Local Dietician

On a hot afternoon, participants sat in delight as they learned how to make a sweet summer treat- a sugar-free sherbet made with mango, pineapples and low-fat milk.

“There is no added sugar, so you’re receiving all of the nutrients from the mango and pineapple,” Dietician Annmarie Miller told the intrigued individuals. “This kind of sherbet will keep you hydrated through the summer months.”

Miller, a dietician at ShopRite of Hauppauge, visits UCP’s Marcus facility every few months to teach participants how to make healthy deserts and to provide them with nutrition tips.

“It’s a great way to improve the health and well-being of the individuals,” she explained. “Showing them how to make easy and healthy recipes is a way to keep them interested in nutrition and eating properly.”

Program Supervisor Maureen Satorino agreed. “These type of visits teach individuals how to live a healthier lifestyle and how to develop a good relationship with food.”

After Miller finished making the sherbet, participants had the pleasure of tasting it. “It’s very good,” UCP Participant Dolores smiled. “I enjoy learning how to make different foods.”

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