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Sharing Their Art for the Holidays

Members of the Brushstrokes Program

Members of The Brushstrokes Program sold prints that replicate their original artwork at UCP’s Annual Holiday Craft Fair. The prints were a big hit among the agency’s staff and participants at the December 1st event.

Artist Guy sold notecards with his artwork adorned on the cover with the help of his mother, Anna Marie Giarratano. “The Brushstrokes Program is just excellent,” Giarratano said. “It gives my son and other artists a chance to express themselves and make an income.”

Guy agreed. “It feels good to make money doing something that I really love,” he explained.

The Brushstrokes Program encourages people with disabilities to express their thoughts and feelings through painting and art. The beautiful works of Brushstrokes artists have been featured and sold at community art exhibits as well as at UCP special events.

Members of the program beamed as customers purchased their prints.

“It feels great to share my work,” Artist Michelle expressed. “It inspires me to paint even more.”

“Watching people buy my art is an early Christmas gift for me,” Artist Michal smiled. “This feels really amazing.”

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